Our focus is to give you the legal solution that is right for you.
We know that when you turn to a lawyer, you trust them to make your life easier.
We commit to providing honest and ethical legal advice.


We provide comprehensive conveyancing solutions to ensure the smooth transition of ownership. Our weekly updates provide honest and up-to-date progress reports so you can confidently track the progress of your transfer.


We will happily review an offer to purchase prior to your accepting it or provide you with advice before making an offer. If you are a private seller or entering into a private sale without an estate agent, we will draft an offer to purchase that protects both buyer and seller.


We register transfers of property in the Deeds Office and attend to all ancillary services, including the following:


    • Conveyancing certificates;
    • Deeds office searches and information;
    • Negotiating and drafting agreements relating to the sale of residential and commercial properties;
    • Advising on and drafting of commercial and residential leases;
    • Registration and cancellation of servitudes;
    • Subdivisions and consolidations;
    • Opening of sectional title registers and transfer of ownership of sections;
    • Miscellaneous applications, consents and endorsements required in the conveyancing process (including half-share transfers/endorsements, change of name, conversion of close corporations etc).


Our ante-nuptial consultation will provide you with a detailed understanding of the marital property regimes in South Africa, as well as advice on how best to structure your property on your marriage/civil union.


Ante-nuptial agreements must be signed with a notary public before the date of the wedding or civil union. Schedule your appointment before you decide on the dress!


We have a qualified notary and can assist in the drafting of notarial agreements, civil union contracts, co-habitation agreements, notarial servitudes, and notarial bonds, as well as authentication of documents required by institutions abroad who generally no longer accept certification by commissioner of oaths.


Are you providing finance or credit? Let’s discuss how a notarial bond can provide you with a very strong form of security in terms of South African law.


What is notarial authentication and when do you need it?


In South Africa, not all attorneys are notaries. To practice as a notary, an attorney must pass an additional examination and be admitted by the high court as a notary.


As Notaries, we are authorised to authenticate documents or signatures on documents for the use of the documents in countries outside South Africa. Often the notary’s signature must further be confirmed by the high court by endorsing the documentation with an apostille. The authority of notaries in South Africa is recognised and accepted worldwide.


We will advise on all the requirements so contact us for advice. 



We provide estate planning services to ensure that the wealth you create is the wealth you grow and pass on.


To ensure that your estate devolves efficiently, cost effectively and with a minimum of delay upon your chosen beneficiaries, you should draw up a valid will assisted by a suitably qualified professional.


We assist with:


    • Curatorship appointments;
    • Drafting of wills and living wills;
    • Estate planning;
    • The administration of deceased estates;
    • The registration and administration of trusts.


Has a loved one recently passed away? Have you been appointed as the executor for an estate and don’t know where to begin?


We understand that the loss of a loved one is traumatic and the process of winding-up their estate can be very stressful. We’ll help you through this difficult time by lessening the burden of dealing with the legal process and ensuring that the estate is administered as efficiently as possible.


We assist with:


    • Obtaining Letters of Executorship from the Master of the High Court;
    • Collecting of all assets and payment of all creditors;
    • Settling of all amounts owing to SARS, including income tax, Capital Gains Tax and Estate Duty;
    • Drafting the First and Final Liquidation and Distribution Account;
    • Distribution of all assets to the heirs;
    • Transfers of all immovable property in the estate; and
    • Resolution of disputes and litigation relating to deceased estates.


Situated close to the Deeds Office and within the jurisdiction of both the Cape Town Magistrates and High Court, we will happily assist in a correspondent capacity.


We can act purely as a lodgement agent but are also able to assist with preparation of deeds and ancillary documents.


Our qualified conveyancer can also attend to execution on your behalf.




As an entrepreneur, you are a passionate, busy person.

You’re focused on delivering your product or service, marketing your business, and keeping your customers happy.


In your haste to get the business off the ground, you may focus on everything but the legal considerations of operating a business. And these are the very things that can bring you down.

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