Selling your home without an estate agent

Selling your home without an estate agent

Selling your home without an estate agent

Have you decided to put your home on the market privately, and go through the sale process without an agent?

While admirable and certainly an option, you do need a property professional to guide you (and usually the buyer) through the process. Ultimately, a conveyancer must transfer the property in the deeds office. As a qualified conveyancer, Gillian is perfectly placed to advise you on the legal process and the very important and legally binding offer to purchase.

Without an estate agent, the conveyancer must play the role of careful mediator and property professional, acting for the seller but also advising the buyer. This is a role that Gillian has played many times – ensuring that both parties have the result they desire from the sale and ensuring frequent and current communication and contact.

Yes – ANY conveyancer can transfer the property and can be appointed after the offer to purchase is signed. But having your trusted conveyancer involved from the drafting of the contract will ensure legally sound advice and a reliable contractual understanding between the parties.

Regarding fees, the seller has the right to choose the conveyancer and the purchaser pays the transfer fees. Transfer fees are regulated by a Law Society tariff to ensure that the purchaser is not unfairly prejudiced by the seller’s choice.


Gillian Erasmus Attorneys Inc is a female-owned and run conveyancing firm. We always provide personal and honest advice, and we guarantee that the transfer of your property is in safe hands. Our director, Gillian Erasmus, will be your personal contact throughout the sale and transfer of your property and will ensure that what you agree to with the purchaser becomes a reality.

Gillian Erasmus

Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer LLB, LLM